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Zurna boasts traditional Turkish cuisine that meets modernistic vibrancy. “Zurna” encapsulate several meanings, such as a famous Turkish instrument to a delicious Kebab Wrap and in Arabic, a welcoming invitation to dine!

The captivating colors that décor the restaurant add to the experience of dining at Zurna along with the acoustic strums of music that symphonizes in the background with a harmonizing cover of Hotel California by Eagles winning me over, head over heels.

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A contemporary Turkish venture, Zurna attracts all diners with its distinctive design and a limited menu packed with Turkish favorites cooked by Turkish chefs with years of experience.

A sizzling Nazik made with barbecued eggplants in a garlic yogurt base with shredded pistachios provided a taste of the hot mezes was savored with crispy thin Turkish bread decked in sesame and nigella seeds.

I’d say; Turkish cuisine is incomplete without the use plump red tomato which is heavily evident in Turkish salads. The Gavurdagi made with chopped red tomatoes, onions, walnuts and a pomegranate dressing that delicately coated the salad with a tang and the nuts providing a balance of flavor. The Ezme was traditional to the core cooked with tomatoes and peppers seasoned with spices.


A Perde Pilavi prepared with Turkish rice combined with toasted pine nuts, chicken, mushrooms and raisins baked in a phyllo pastry was crunchy to the taste with an amalgamation of flavors releasing from the fragrant rice.

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Hot out of the oven, the Lahmacun crispy dough laced with minced meat marinated with herbs and spices releasing its flavors into the thin crust. The Tavuk Citir Kebab, a cheese wrapped chicken kebab rolled in thin crispy Turkish bread was hearty, delicious and a meal on its own.

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Kebabs are never distant from a Turkish menu as the Adana Kebab at Zurna made with Turkish spices and herbs infusing into the meat while the delicious Fistijli (green) kebab made with addition of grated pistachios added a unique taste to the flavorful lamb.

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The slow cooked thinly sliced Turkish Doner meat was succulent and doused with; you guessed it, a tomato based sauce with sufficient portions of yogurt. Savoring the meat and all the while quenching my thirst with a traditional Ayran, which at Zurna was a thicker and denser consistency and a glass of pomegranate juice.

Zurna experience ended with a taste of the famed special Baklava with an Apple filling, an adaptation of the humble apple pie, glazed in sugary syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, the soft bite of the apples against the crunch of the pastry proved a stellar competition to the “traditional” baklavas.

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The İrmik Helvasıı, a semolina pudding was new to the taste served with a scoop vanilla iceream. The cappuccino resembling halva was semi sweet and perfect end to the Turkish adventure at Zurna.


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