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I’ve always believed that Dubai is a victuals map ready to be explored, but instead of a whip in hand like Indiana Jones, I’d hold a fork and knife as I trail along the streets of Dubai.

Wok It, a beautifully spaced out restaurant with a view of an open kitchen and the view of the bustling city life of Karama and Bur Dubai

Wok It is a combination of your favorite Far Eastern dishes with a heavily influenced authentic Indonesian cuisine inspired by two food enthusiasts, Feras A the owner and Chef Yerson B, the executive chef whose evidence and passion for food is well observed from the food served at Wok It.

A taste of the tempura fried Firework Shrimps awoke the tastebuds with a bang flavorsome spice from a chili sauce which was subdued by the semi-light mayonnaise and sesame coating of the shrimps.


Among a few speciality dishes, one can truly sample a unique dish that is made especially by Chef Yadi, who, I was informed was once a famous food stall vender specializing in two dishes, both of which he now, skillfully displays and plates to us lucky food dwellers of Dubai.

The humble Chef Yadi and his mighty delicious creation, the Martabak TelorEgg Murtaba, made with spiced beef or chicken and fried egg stuffed & wrapped with a thin fried crispy exterior. The crispness and soft interior is an amalgamation of distinctive taste.

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My love for noodles was truly satisfied with a sizable portion of Bakmi Goreng, wok fried egg noodles with scrambled egg, select fresh vegetables and succulent slices of chicken which was savored!

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In addition, Pepes Ikan a fillet of marinated white fish with a combination of secret herbs and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf was steamed and grilled to perfection. The whiff of steam that filled the air from the blend of spices was scrumptious. I was glad to see the most loved, Redang mentioned on the menu. The beef coated in a traditional stew with a blend of spices was savored with a cup of steaming Jasmine rice.

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The far eastern experience ended with a view of watching the Chef – just as you would in the streets making his second signature dish, Martabak ManisSweet Murtaba.

The Martabak Manis batter is made with a special brand of imported flour as no flour could stand the competition of the import would create what I was near to experience. A ladle full of the fermented batter was spread of over a heated deep cast iron which is kept heated all day mind you due to the thickness. The perfectly cooked light brown batter was placed aside and spread with a generous amounts of butter, freshly grated cheese and a hand full of chocolate sprinkles with cashew nuts along with a luscious drizzle of fresh cream.

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The sweet murtaba was folded, cut into pieces and plated. I dug in, hands first and pulled apart a piece exposing the melting cheese and chocolate. A wondrous combination of taste experienced from the dessert.

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Wok It was all in all pleasant dine in experience for a reasonable price and service with a smile. Wok it is located dot opposite Burjuman Center and next to Round Table Pizza, location available on Google Maps.

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