Urban Picnic Brunch at 3in1 | Vida Hotel Downtown Dubai

You’ll rarely hear “Let’s go for a picnic” in Dubai as picnicking has never been part of the growing up experience in Dubai considering the infamous UAE summers. Albeit, an occasional BBQ during the winter made up for the lack of picnics. Yet, never near close to the summer breeze, checkered cloth prints, the freshly trimmed grass and the wooden basket filled with goodies to feed that starving tummy with scrumptious-ness.

…but all that is about to change courtesy of the new Urban Picnic Brunch at 3in1 – Vida Hotel Downtown Dubai. Whoop!

The quirky concept is your upscale Dubai chic picnic brunch with an indoor and outdoor seating along with access to the swimming pool with the stunning backdrop of the Burj Khalifa. Now, where around the globe can you picnic with a view of the tallest building in the world?

As a brunch, the standouts include sandwiches, such as pastrami subs, poached pears with dry cuts and more steamy-fluffy breads along with unique butter spreads. Yum! Freshly baked quiches, leafy green salads with beans, summer fruits and toasted nuts to name a few. Venture near the brick oven for a thin crust pizza hot out of the oven. While main course options include a selection of seafood, chicken and lamb – order while seated.

photo 2

The cheese section is a heart attack in a row of endless goodness ranging from the crowd favorites and unique picks to be enjoyed with select wines, which you can bottle up as well if you like… go wild, picnic style!

Mason jars of iced tea, canned soft drinks to freshly squeezed juices and chilled beers cans all to quench your thirst whilst you laze around the poolside basking in the sun and don’t forget to grab your Evian spray as well!

photo 1

The dessert spread is what dreams are made off from wild berry tarts and pies which I reckon is what your loving Grandma would bake for a picnic, to chunky chewy cookies, whoopie pies, SCONE cakes, jars of berries & seasonal fruits to fruity ice sticks and ice-cream sandwiches plus much MORE. Watermelon slices are in abundance for that added picnic loving.

photo 3

On a down side, as a new brunch – you’ll be lost as to what to expect once you enter. A new experience all together, which the hotel will surely iron out and improve as soon as they can.

So grab that picnic basket and tray, do a walk-through and explore what the urban picnic has to offer, just as you would outdoors to pick that perfect spot.

Vida Hotel Downtown Dubai
3in1 – Urban Picnic Brunch
1:00-5:00pm every Friday
Contact no: +971 4 428 6823

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