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Molecular gastronomy has made a slow yet dominant appearance across Dubai and Abu Dhabi restaurants, with El Sur introducing, experimenting and achieving great results with Spanish cuisine, to The Oberoi Dubai’s molecular inspired dessert creations and of recent, Tresind’s marriage of India’s finest and traditional ingredients inculcating modern gastronomic techniques with the blending of physics and chemistry to transform the tastes and textures of food. The results portraying a new and innovative dining experience which one can truly savor.

The sleek and contemporary interiors spread across the bar plus lounge and the dine-in area of the restaurant. Bar menu offers a unique and select molecular influences with ‘new age’ methods of preparations such as infusions, tinctures, bitters, smoke based creations to innovative lassi and more much, etc.

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At Tresind, India’s humble and immensely popular street snack famously known as ‘chaat’ is heavily influenced with the inventive molecular technique. The popular panipuri chaat is presented as ‘caviar’. One swallow of the blob erupts into an explosion of flavors with the crisps of the sev mimicking the crunch of a ‘puri’.

The perfect dish to order for a quick interaction with Chef Himanshu Saini, one of India’s youngest & pioneering chef and the face behind Tresind, who rolls out a wooden trolley to prep the table side ‘modernistic chaat trolley’. The enticing act beings with colorful chutneys squeezed on the flat table top with pieces of ‘dhokla’ dropped into liquid nitrogen, freezing the gram flour snack to assist in achieving the eventual freeze factor.

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The cold dhokla and sev is crushed & crumbled to the core, skillfully mixed with the flavorsome chutneys and served. The modernistic chaat trolley is robust in flavors, textures and captivates the heartbeat of the India’s street eats.

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On to the next course, a taste of Arabia and one of Dubai’s popular (street) food, shawarma. The transformation of a chicken shawarma is presented as a kulcha, leavened wheat flour bread served with pickled carrot and beets. A disparity of presentation of the norm of shawarma creations served around Dubai and petite in size yet, attaining the taste aspect as a kulcha was truly impressive.

The fragrances clouding the table from the tajine Australian lamb shank prepared with apricot, turnip and kashmiri rista combining traditional Moroccan with Indian ingredients. The lamb tajine was on par with the rich flavors and well paired with a take on ‘cous cous’ served as pulao. A Malay lobster curry with Thalassery appam – a South Indian Pancake and flame roast coconut touched my South Indian memories with the cloud like fluffy appam soaking the lobster infused coconut curry base. Dubai’s take on the modest South of India curry preparation style.

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I adore Indian desserts, from the milky-ness to the sugary glaze and at Tresind, desserts are in plain words, art on a plate.

Reckon it’s the various techniques and distinctiveness which hikes the price per dessert. Take for example; Jalebi presented as a taco with pistachio rabdi pannacota, cottage cheese churros and saffron air. Drool worthy ingredients and eye catching presentation, that for sure but far from the tradional shape and crispiness of a jalebi. The daulat ki chaat with heaps of sohn papdi crumble served with 24 carat gold dust. Posh yet appealing and delightful!

There’s plenty which my eyes and taste buds would like to experience at Tresind, as I felt each dish on the menu was dexterously prepared and served keeping true to the modernistic facet complimenting the fine-dining aspect with the transformation of ingredients offering a culinary journey.

Tresind Modernist Indian Restaurant
Radisson Royal Hotel, Level 2, Sheikh Zayad Road,
Trade Centre Area, Dubai
04 308 0440

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