Treats for a steal – AED10 & under.

Living in Dubai gives you an impression of having to spend a lot of money in order to appreciate good things that the cosmopolitan emirate has to offer but that may not always be applicable for many things, and one such can be food, glorious food.

Growing up in a Dubai, a melting pot of various cultures I best experienced all that it has to offer through the food. From fine dining to average priced restaurants offering international gourmet servings, to a humble cafeteria down the alleyway which can (equally) satisfy the never-ending cravings.

In Dubai, I’ve learnt that spending AED10 or less can gratify most cravings. Listed below are a few of my favorites and those which I have noticed to be popular amongst the herd of crowds in Dubai.

The ever so popular McDonalds’- Arabia took over Dubai in the 90s and is a staple favorite for many locals and expats. One of the many desired treats which causes the food lines at-times to cross the barriers is the vanilla ice cream cone for AED1 of which I have indulged in countless number of times and is a steal of a treat which brings joy to kids and even adults who cannot seem to get enough. 🙂

Karak Chai is the way of life for many who start and end their day with a delicious cuppa tea. Many across Dubai argue about their best Karak Chai but the most popular I’ve heard and given a taste would be FiLLi Café in Qusais for their Zafrani Chai (saffron tea) for AED4 and other flavor which infuses the tea, costs within that range. Karak Chai get’s sold on a 1000+ basis from day-to-day, so if you haven’t had a taste yet then you best get on it.

I discovered the joys of having Lassi (yogurt drink) few years ago to quench my thirst during a summer heat of Dubai. For AED4 from Karachi Darbar, one can enjoy a massive jug of this delicious yogurt drink for instant refreshing. Also, another Dubai staple, the Laban Up is a good option as well, usually under AED1 found at every & any supermarket across U.A.E.

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The ever so famous and loved Shawarma can be found all across U.A.E and will always be close to any and every individual who at point has lived in Dubai. The prices may vary from café to café and emirate to emirate but never increases more than AED5 when purchased from a street side cafeteria. Ask for a Falafel while you’re at it as well to complete a delicious meal.

For my sweet tooth cravings I take a walk to my nearest Indian sweet restaurant that offers various treats for a less than AED10. Ras Maali from Chappan Bhog for AED4 apiece is a personal favorite.

RM (1)

Chaat also know as Indian snacks are a favorite amongst all, with its spice and tangy taste that appeals to most taste buds. For a quick bite, chaat is a good option and wildly available in Old Dubai with a few options around New Dubai as well. Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji etc are just a few treats which one can enjoy each for less than AED10.

I took to the Twitter-vers to find out my followers favorite treats for less than AED10:

Annaliese B – @unpetitm0t recommends a Mini Pizza from Caesars for AED1.50/2. If you’ve been raised in Dubai you have bound to eaten a mini pizza in your childhood. The cost may yet again vary according to the topping but always a treat .

Rachel. L – @_rachel_lewis suggests Manakeesh from Al Reef. Manakeesh prices vary according to the toppings. The most popular are, Zaatar, Cheese along with Meat & Cheese Manakeesh.

Keith – @Kmonsuate says Haji Ali for a Veg Grill Sandwich in all its goodness is a favorite amongst vegetarians and is usually crowded over the weekend with loyal customers.

Ghadeer A – @GhadeerA enjoys Fruit Cocktails from various cafeterias around Dubai which are known for their taste and amusing names such a “Burj Al Arab cocktail, Computer cocktail etc.” A large drink costs AED8-AED10 depending on the cafeteria prices.

Dhara P – @PinkDaaku AED10 treats are Frankees and sandwiches from the Midnight Cafeteria in Karama.

Mitzee M. – @MitzeeMee add to the list IKEA AED1 vanilla ice-cream cone.

In addition, IKEA offers hotdogs and shawermas for less than AED10 along with a drink & for breakfast, a AED5 option of eggs, hasbrowns, mushrooms, sausages etc.

Gaganjeet S. – @gaganjeet says that less than AED10 options also include delicious South Indian restaurants that offer Dosas, Idlis, Vadas etc which are a filling meal.

Anoop – @noopwanii the Hasan Matar at Jabal Al Noor for AED5, is a take on the shawarma, flattened instead of rolled up, and spicy!

Zenon S. – @Zen_Is_On satisfies his cravings with a dish called Rubbash for AED2.50 and a very unique sandwich: Oman Chips Sandwich for AED4 at the cafeteria named Rubbash after the dish. Another favorite is the Khosheri from Al Amoor for AED6.

Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments so that people can enjoy your less than AED10 treats.

20 thoughts on “Treats for a steal – AED10 & under.

  1. Khosheri from Al Amoor …for 6 dhs
    Rubbash from Rubbash for 2.50
    Oman chips sandwich from Rubbash for AED 4

    All of them are satisfying!!

    Good post btw… will come in handy for cost- sensitive dates 😛

  2. I was born and brought up in Dubai itself and agree to the fact that AED 10 is enough to satisfy your tummy’s needs.

    Would like to add that there are many South Indian restaurants that serve dosas, idlis and vadas for less than 10 bucks. Plus street cafeterias have burgers, club sandwiches etc. below AED 10 as well. Ok I should stop now, feeling hungry 😛

    Awesome post 🙂

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