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If it’s not the ambiance that captures your attention from the sleek set up to the uber splendid colored umbrellas hung high above the outdoor foyer which shades the al fresco dining experience at Toko Dubai, the open pan kitchen offers a view of the Chefs in action while the Izakaya layout indoors exposes a fully stocked and equipped bar which adds to the liveliness at Toko Dubai along with brilliance in service.

Under Toko's umbrella ella ella eh...
Under Toko’s umbrella ella ella eh…

My palate savoured portions of Toko’s brilliant dishes from the fantastic – steal of a price lunch menu which included miso soup, green tea and edamame!

Edamame. <3

Sliced kingfish with yuzu dressing and chives.
Sliced kingfish with yuzu dressing and chives.
Pan-fried scallop, sweet pickled apple, jalapeno garlic dressing.
Pan-fried scallop, sweet pickled apple, jalapeno garlic dressing.

An explosion of flavors was truly savored from the thinly sliced kingfish dressed with yuzu and chives while the saikyo miso cod proved stellar competition amongst the famed miso cod all over Dubai with a fitting slice for the lunch menu. A cheeky taste of the smoked miso salmon with pickled ginger and lime had my taste buds confused, a confusion that need not to solved but only relished with each bite. Tokolicious!

Nigiri & maki roll selection.
Nigiri & maki roll selection.
Toko's saikyo miso black cod.
Toko’s saikyo miso black cod.

The desserts options are merged with traditional favorites, offering a variety of taste and selection. For an additional price, a select choice of desserts – comparatively cheaper to the main menu and no change in quantity satisfied the need for saccharine indulgence with a perfectly oozing combination of hazelnut and chocolate fondant. Tokotastic!

Chocolate & hazelnut fondant.
Chocolate & hazelnut fondant.

Toko Dubai
Vida Hotel Downtown
Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard

5 thoughts on “Toko Dubai | Vida Downtown Hotel

  1. That’s such a good deal. I’m popping down for sure – I don’t know if you can get a black cod anywhere in Dubai for 120AED just on it’s own! Is it as buttery as the Zuma or Hashi ones?

    1. It’s such a great value for money! The cod was great but surely not as buttery as the one in Zuma, although close and the sauce was perfect compliment to the cod. I loved the cod at Watatsumi, now that was very, very close to Zuma and even Nobu if I dare say!

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