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Theatrical décor is what decks the famed Tearto restaurant at Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi, as you walk through the L-shaped entrance with draped curtains, low-hung beaded crystal chandeliers and an array of Venetian masks greets your arrival.

Dinner was reserved, as a relaxing staycation at the hotel (more on the stay experience, soon!) seemed the ideal option to kick-start a weekend getaway in a manner that I truly enjoy, food and bevy’s of course.

Dim lighting set the ambiance as I flipped through the hard cover menu that boasted an array of Asian cuisine fit to tantalize, from popular items true to the authenticity and traditional touch with a few introductory Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Italian dishes.

I longed to taste the much read, off the menu and known only to frequent visitors, the X-sushi (name shall remain a secret, mainly as I do not recollect what it was called. Ha!). Presentation was on par as the sushi plating was bountiful in size, flavor and freshness. Great start to the night that’s left me longing for a trip to Abu Dhabi for a repeated indulgence.


It was a Thursday night, as the travel from Dubai after work hours to the hotel tamed the hunger pangs, so the meal for the night was restricted to the simplicity of a Pad Siew, wok tossed mixed seafood rice noodles and a sizeable piece of a fresh moist grilled hammour on a medley of Mediterranean vegetables infused with fennel essence. The seafood reigned over the noodles, due to sheer quality and cut of the fish. It was a light and satisfactory meal that gave an insight to Tearto behind the scene kitchen skills.

The major spotlight of the night was the masterpiece of a dessert bowl, aptly labeled as “big show”. Why you ask? Well…

Chef selection desserts sat atop of crushed ice that helped maintained the delicacy of the saccharine goodness. Flavored mochi, coconut ice-cream and a creamy custard tart, just a few from the bowl relished in minutes, well before the ice defrosted might I add, to understand the level of admiration towards the desserts (smug).

I walked away that night in appreciation towards the rise of the food scene in Abu Dhabi, and in awe of Teatro’s offerings of a seamless blend of East meets West that seems to have captured an a firm audience in the capital and fits well to a travelers palate.

Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi
02 6573333

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