Summer Baking at The Palace Downtown Hotel | Dubai

I cannot put into words the beauty that is The Palace Downtown Hotel. A true hidden gem located in New Dubai with luxurious interior and stunning views of the Burj Khalifa.
I was lucky enough to win a spot at the Summer Baking Class held by the talented Chef Vrushali at The Palace.

With a class size of 6, we headed off to the main kitchen where all the desserts are made and we were split into pairs. At the kitchen, the recipes for the class were printed courtesy The Palace and the ingredients prepped and measured in cups for us to use.


Chef Vrushali introduced the class, as did the group and the baking class started with the ever famous; Carrot Cake. As a pair, we used all the labeled ingredients and according to the recipe and with the aid a stand mixer, we whipped up a cake batter followed with egg whites with the guidance of Chef who along the way shared helpful tips.


Next, a Brittany Pineapple Cake named after a region in North-West of France. The cake was split into two rings and canned pineapples were used as they are moist compared to fresh pineapples according to the Chef.


To end the cake bake craze, the cake of the desert: the Date Cake with its spectacular dark colour filled the room with its deep fragrance of melted butter with brown sugar. The wet mixture needed a 15 minute rest to soak up the baking powder before we could add the dry ingredients and watch as the cake beautifully bake while releasing the fragrant goodness.


And to end a fantastic experience, my favorite and first try at baking: Scones! With just a few ingredients and use of a stand mixer, milk was added to the crumble and the dough was then wrapped in cling to rest for a few minutes. The dough was then split into two, one kept as plain and the other to add soaked raisins (rum soaked raisins, if you fancy!). The dough was then rolled and cut to a size of an “inch” after which an egg & milk mixture was brush on right before baking for a light brown crust.


The class ended with a high note and look of satisfaction as we walked out of the kitchen with our very own handmade desserts!

If you assumed that was the end of the class, then think again! After the fun of a baking class, we headed off to the Al Bayt Lounge where we ended the baking experience with a delicious afternoon tea spread that was just a treat we needed!


The baking class at The Palace Downtown is one to experience either for a first timer or an experienced baker! Plus, it makes a great gift for the sweet tooth l

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