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Le Méridien Dubai has been a Dubai landmark for many years with its close proximity to the Airport making it a favorite destination for travelers around the world.

Sukhothai, “dawn of happiness” is a Thai restaurant situated in Le Méridien that offers not only authentic Thai dishes but an opportunity to experience hands on Thai cooking classes held by Chef Montri Jiratitikankit the Chef de Cuisine of Sukhothai.


The Thai inspired interiors of the restaurant with a spread of eats and pre spread out tables laid with cooking stoves and ingredients to give a hands on cooking experience which is rare in Dubai as most classes offer just a view and not a side-by-side cooking privileges with the Chef.

The class begins with Thai canapés along with select fresh juices. The canapés stayed true to the Thai cuisine and provides and insight into the aspect of dishes at Sukothai and the experience to follow for the cooking class. ‘Goong Sarong‘ canapé, a deep friend prawns rolled with yellow noodles was much indulged in along with a Thailand specialty, “Cha-yen” a Thai ice tea which was new to taste and quite unique.


As the ingredients and complimenting condiments were all prepared, we began the class. A selection of two Thai dishes was pre selected, ‘Laab Gai‘, a minced chicken salad with roasted rice dressing which the Chef first prepared as we watched the raw ingredients turn to an edible delight. It was an absolute pleasure to watch the Chef prepare a dish with refreshing ingredients such as the kaffir lime leaves, mint, galangal, other herb and spices. The dish was quick and quite easy to prepare as I and the rest of the class experienced cooking in out stations with the help of the Chef. The Laab Gai is used as stuffing or just as a salad before relishing a main Thai meal. The use of rice powder was a fascination to most with the Chef explaining the rice power adds a fragrance to the dish.

IMG_6709< A 'Panaeng Goon‘ was the next delight to our tastebuds. Chef Montri prepared the famous and one of my favorite prawns in red Thai curry with herbs and spices along with red curry paste that provides the curry with its vibrant color. Sukothai sells a fresh batch of the red and green curry pastes at the restaurant for AED10!


A wok was heated with oil and the curry paste added to the oil, fried for a minute after which the remaining ingredients were added to the dish with fresh thick coconut milk for the base of the curry. The prawns were pre fried and added to the curry, cooked further for a minute and served with a bowl of rice. A surprise to the class was the use of coconut powder, as a few mentioned that they previously used canned (tin) coconut milk which the Chef suggested as a good use for desserts rather than curries as coconut powder adds a heavier texture which is perfect for curries.

Fantastic hands on cooking experience ended with a certification of completion handed by the Chef Montri and with a bag of our dishes prepared in class as takeaway and to feast on.

I suggest the Skuhothai for a very one-on-one attention that especially, if you are new to cooking will require. In addition, tips and tricks shared with a friendly vibe from the Chef and other staff members who were kind enough to assist during the cooking class experience at Sukhothai.

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