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It all started as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, when my finger decided to stop on one image, an image that captured two of my favorite meals, vino and cheese. (Okay, vino is not considered a meal, I agree). 😉

I’d say, I am too old for ladies night, mainly as I despise the late night start (8PM on a weekday, really?), the overly sweetened or watered down cocktails, as well as the tacky music. Hence, my alternative fancy, vino and cheese nights.

That one Instagram image pictured five, yes five glasses with a mix of red and white and what seemed like five, yes five cheese options. Reading further, I was elated to discover all that for a fantastic price of AED120.

Solo Bistronomia, possibly my new favorite Italian eatery in Dubai decks quirky and pop art inspired interiors, each section designed in a unique style blended with a homey and rustic feel to the restaurant.


The vino and cheese night was all that was expected and more. From the table paper mat that displayed the bubbly poured for the night paired with the mix of goat and cow cheese served with pieces of crusty bread. Overall, the price worthy night for a taste of the three reds, two whites and one dessert vino selection was on par. I am no vino expert to break down the taste of each glass, so it is best to head on down to give it taste.

Craving for more and after inspecting the menu, my eyes locked on to the octopus with pumpkin purée. The beautifully plated grilled octopus pieces severed on a bed of creamy pumpkin purée satisfied the hungry, leaving me wanting more.

The cheese and vino night proceeded to lunch a week after where my taste buds were treated to freshly made burrata paired with house smoked salmon with a combination of pomegranate dressing for touch of acidity, complementing the creamy burrata texture.

There is a fine line between perfecting lobster bisque, as the saffron overwhelms the subtle lobster infusion. At Solo, the bisque was balanced, light and hearty with bite sized prawns pieces. A touch of difference was the airy mozzarella emulsion and firm fava beans adding to a beautiful presentation of the bisque.

If there is veal on the menu, I usually refrain as past experience did not excite as I hoped it would. On this day, I decided that veal would be an ideal choice and I am glad I did.

Served alongside sweetbreads (I did not know what I was getting into at this point!), purple yam puree, passito cherries and sun chokes. The crackling crisp of the veal dripping with fat and buttery juices paired perfectly with the reduced cherry sauce. However, the sweetbread on the other hand was an experience. What’s ‘sweetbreads’ you may ask? Well, here. Would I try the dish again, yes but probably without the sweetbreads, that’s for sure.


I heard from the grapevine, desserts at Solo were unalike what one would typically taste at an Italian restaurant in Dubai. Sizable portions, appealing presentation and exclusive taste are how I’d round up the two desserts tasted. I favored one over the other, as the vanilla croquette served with caramelized mango and coco sorbet resembled an artistic plating of homemade donuts with sweetened fruit bits. A bowl of the homemade passion fruit sorbet with hot coffee chocolate and caramelized banana, tasted almost of a comfort bowl of balanced caramelized frozen bananas with the consistency of a mousse.


Dining at Solo Bistronomia overall was an inimitable meal as the head Chef Corrado Pani, passion arises from his hometown influences as well as the neighboring inspirations with a touch of gastronomic tasteful portrayed through the whole menu.

Solo Bistronomia
Raffles Hotel, Dubai
+971 4 370 8999

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