Walnut and Chocolate Cake

I love baking!

It’s my stress relieving mechanism that I lust for every weekend as the aromatic combinations from the pure vanilla extract and the exotic blend of melted chocolates fills the air and offers the tranquility which I often desire.

I flip through Eric Lanlard’s delicious book Chocolat and I spot his Swiss Walnut and Chocolate Cake recipe.

Alas, a recipe that would finally make use of the walnuts which have travelled all the way from Shimla, India in my luggage from a memorable trip to North India (Delhi, Agra).

Shimla Walnut +  Chocolate + Kahlua
Shimla Walnut + Chocolate + Kahlua

The aroma of the roasted Shimla walnuts filled the air competing with the Ooty chocolates melting away in the bain-marie. A recipe that’s fairly easy with ingredients readily available in your baking cabinet to create a slice of cake that’s a perfect merriment for the afternoon tea.

Shimla Walnut and Chocolate Cake
Shimla Walnut and Chocolate Cake

My own twists to the cake with use of Shimla walnuts, I’ve now christened the recipe as a Shimla Walnut and Chocolate Cake with a hint of Kahlua for that ultimate coffee-flavored rum taste to the cake!

More Eric Lanlard’s baking, Devilish Chocolate Brownies and another recipe for an afternoon tea cake, Orange Cake with Orange Rum Glaze .

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