OKKU Dubai | Sake Saturday

OKKU is the epitome of Japanese cuisine in Dubai and it’s been proven in a timely manner by the numerous awards won ever since its inception located at The H Hotel, Dubai on Sheikh Zayed highway.

I’d say one of the finest ways to experience OKKU Dubai and treat the taste buds to sophisticated perfection is by opting for their Sake Saturday special. A steal of a menu compared to an a la carte in terms of food selections and Sake pairings. Albeit, the Sake menu is limited to portion offerings, yet a brilliant selection.

My palate for regional Sake is yet to grow, but according to the taste experience paired with the lush OKKU Sake Saturday fare, I was truly impressed. The ambiance was uplifted with the artful presentation of the gourmet plating that graced the table with Alex the Sake guru / bartender of OKKU who explained in-depth passion the Sake’s served for the night from warm to ice cold Sake.

The set menu consists of OKKU favorites, from the famed honey glazed black cod to the crispy shredded duck salad to succulent scallops and much more with a green tea soufflé to end a culinary adventure and a night of laughter with good company at OKKU.


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