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Here a feesh, there a feesh

I adore fresh seafood over the frozen, tasteless options lathered with deceptive glistening of a butter based sauce to pass a dish as ‘fresh’, but hey, taste overpowers the lies!

Swimming its way into our shorelines, Ocean Basket – Seafood Restaurant fairs well on my seafood scale, especially as it’s fully compliant with the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) and supports Dubai seafood sustainability. Yay!

The popularity is proven by the crazed seafood lovers truly savoring and digging in with their hands to delicately rip out the perfectly grilled prawns lathered in a lush lemon butter sauce. YUM

Ordering a platter was a step in the right direction for the five of us seated at the table eagerly waiting to relish the 30 sizable prince prawns, the fresh albeit petite sized mussels, grilled yet soft to taste line fish, a handful off airy batter fried calamari and calamari steak strips for added seafood love, all of which was consumed with minutes of being skillfully plated on the table, relished with a side of rice and French fries, as one does.

photo 2 (1)

A taste of a the “World Famous Feesh n Chips” provided an adequate yet basic taste of what one would crave in terms of simplistic seafood cravings to be duly satisfied at Ocean Basket.

photo 1 (1)

The level of freshness depends on the location from where the seafood has been purchased. As the seafood may be imported (iced, alive, etc.) or locally purchased. Kindly inquire before ordering

Ocean Basket – Seafood Restaurant
First floor, Mirdif City Center, Dubai.
04 285 4682

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