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My love for seafood has always been evident and so is my love for all things old Dubai. Le Méridien Dubai by the airport road will always be an iconic hotel establishment and as per my delight, I was approached to be an Ambassador for Le Méridien and as my first act, I dined at M’s Seafood Bistro.

M’s Seafood Bistro is not a new to my taste, as a visit last winter kept my guest and I company with a taste of a mixed seafood mezzeh whilst sipping a cold beer with the cool winds, ambience and laughter kept the night alive.

A walk into M’s nautical designed with an explosion of mustard and sea blue interior greets your welcome along with the courteous staff members at the bistro.

M’s, a liquor licensed restaurant dedicates a side to showcase an array of temperature controlled wine’s to which my guests and I were seated at a table near.

A bottle of 2010 Meursault, green-gold white wine was suggested for the night and chosen of the alcohol menu, which to our surprise was on an iPad! The wine kept us company for the rest of the night, along with whiskey shots that complimented the main meals and fresh juices for the ones that were driving, sadly, I.


Cervelle de canut with spiced Crostinis and freshly Baked Bread with olive oil cramped our hunger pangs while we quickly studied M’s menu.


The menu is kept as simple to the point to which fresh seafood that includes imported as well as local fresh catch are well described and help decide what your taste palate craves when in confusion.

The mezzeh ordered included, Garlic Prawns*cooked with European influenced ingredients, which was out of the norm tasted and the style of which I prepare. The sizeable prawns in tapas style plating infused with herbs provided an apt taste with the Mearusalt wine.


The Crabs & Vegetable Spring Roll although a unique idea, did not please my taste for the crunchy roll did its best to hold in the filling but did not succeed in the end. While the soups, from three select options were well applauded at the table. A Seafood Chowder, with its vibrant color and burst of lasting flavor to the most craved, Saffron & Mediterranean infused Fish Soup won me over from the first sip.


The seafood dose continued with my most awaited dish, a Lobster Termidor Flambé* done right next to the table seated, with the Canadian lobster gently cooked for two minutes with melted butter and finely chopped shallots mixed and set ablaze with alcohol and beautifully plated.


For the night, the Chefs special “Grilled Prawns” was suggested and as expected, did not fail to please with the immaculately grilled prawns in a light marination let the freshness of the prawns explode. Lastly, a Grilled Seafood platter included a perfectly seasoned lobster, two prawns and two slices of fish which the health conscious at the table approved off!


What I loved most about the seafood bistro is that fact that the seafood spoke for itself without the need for an ingredient overdose as simplicity goes a long way, and the dishes served that night proved it.

If you assumed the flambé experience ended with the mains, then you assumed wrong as the ordered Crêpe Suzette *, entertained us with a fantastic flambé yet again by the table, set ablaze by using an orange peel.


The Chocolate Soufflé with Caramel Ice-cream, which I was told by the lovely Jelenie, our server for the night as the best seller and she was right. Although, the taste may have been up to the mark but the softness of the soufflé was a bit underdone to my liking but nonetheless, a chocolate lover’s paradise. The crackle of the Crème Brule sent waves across the restaurant while the creamy interior ended what I’d like to call a a night of seafood en flambé experience.

For more information on M’s Seafood Bistro, menu and prices, visit the website | M’s Seafood Bistro and Le Méridien Dubai.

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The view expressed here are my own as per dinner on April 18, 2013 Thursday night with a table for four guests. The meal was paid for by Le Méridien Dubai for dine-in experience at M’s Seafood Bistro for a Le Méridien Ambassador. *(A) Contains Alcohol. Flambé, a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames

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