Miyako | Hyatt Regency Dubai #MayWeSuggest

For years now, the Hyatt hotels in Dubai have been part of many a family celebrations where copious occasions have been toasted.

Twenty odd years later, I now have the privilege of sharing my experiences with the Hyatt Group of hotels via the uniquely generated hashtag, #MayWeSuggest!

My journey beings with Miyako, Dubai’s first and institutional Japanese restaurant that launched circa 1987 located in Hyatt Regency Dubai, the first Hyatt to open up in Dubai! Plenty of firsts in that sentence!

I recollect joyful memories of visiting Dubai’s first ice rink, (possibly more painful than joyful from the plenty un-gracious falls) and thereafter, dining at Hyatt Regency. Oh how I miss the good old days!

The quaint set-up, with low ceiling and dim lighting fits the simplistic and underground aspect of a traditional sushi joint in Japan in addition to a tatami room (private dining), teppanyaki tables and a communal seating and a sushi bar.

There’s minimal chatter as the restaurants seems partially occupied for a weekend lunch visit. I notice Japanese nationals dining, a sight that I remember being constant from my many previous visit.

Miyako’s long lasting presence and popularity is credited towards the teppanyaki showdown, fresh sushi & sashimi (local and European), table center hot-pot; and for those that fancy, pork dishes along with quality sake on the menu.

I highly suggest my favorites, prawn tempura with its crisp batter served with a blend of chili spice and soy and the pan fried ginger pork belly. From the teppanyaki selection, the succulent Wagyu paired with garlic egg fired rice and grilled oyster mushrooms. The hot pot is yet to be experienced but the sushi and sashimi option never fail to impress. End it all with an order of matcha ice-cream for dessert and a pot of matcha tea.

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