Michelin-starred Chef Oliver Glowig | BiCE Mare Dubai

It’s a slow but growing trend of Michelin Starred Chefs travelling to Dubai to introduce our taste buds to a unique and gastronomic fare, be it with the use of ingredients or the innovative culinary techniques and new age technology which has won many a chefs the honor of the famed star

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of tasting a menu prepared by the youngest two Michelin Starred Chef Enrico Bartolini, which personally was an experience that was heightening with the use of Terre del Sole olive oil.

Present day, my longing for an additional Michelin feast was soon catered to by two Michelin starred Chef Oliver Glowig at BiCe Mare in Dubai, Souk Al Bahar.

Originally from Germany, Oliver Glowig left for Italy in 2001 where he soon became Executive Chef at L’Olivo located in the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa. After nine years in Capri, Oliver then wanted to venture into something of his own and opened his well-known eponymous restaurant in Aldrovandi Villa Borghese in early 2011. Only eight months after its opening, the restaurant received two-Michelin stars in November 2011. Oliver is one of the only few chefs in the world who has managed to go directly from zero to two-Michelin stars, emphasizing on the level of excellence in terms of food and quality that is served under his leadership.

The exceptional menu began with an eggplant parmigiana, served in Oliver’s unique style with smoked provola and flavorsome eruptive tomatoes.

A four-hour (3 hours and 58 minutes to be precise) slow cooked artichoke with the heart filled with buratta cheese from Puglia was topped with warm Mediterranean langoustine.

A carnaroli rice based risotto made with a four-year ( 48 month) aged parmigiano regiano and white alba truffle was overwhelming intense in flavors with the truffle and yolk of an organic free range egg.

One of the highlight, a classic capri style handmade ravioli with cacciota cheese with a basil sauce base. A serious melt-in the mouth ravioli that shot my taste buds to travel to Capri, just as the enthusiastic chef it would be.

For the mains, a succulent duck breast and dry fruits served with foie gras and white onion cream and one for the seafood lovers, a Pezzogna in crazy water served with napolitan wild broccoli.


Chef Oliver’s innovativeness is well portrayed with the desserts, a cannolo with caramelized hazelnuts and almonds with a zest of Amalfi lemon and a near palate cleanser, baba’ with yogurt foam, chilly and lime gelatin.

A menu that’s strong with Chef Oliver’s influences and passion which is truly captivated with each dish served.

The special menu by Chef Oliver, 4 course 400 AED and 8 course 480 AED per head. Available until 14 November 2014 at BiCE Mare, Souk Al Bahar.
+971 4 423 0982

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