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I can hear the elation of Canadians rejoicing around Dubai now that they have a home away from home eatery apart from Tim Hortons to rave about.

Maple Leaf Restaurant Dubai is located on Jumeirah Beach Road and caters to the Canadian favorites with a limited yet boastful menu.

The poutine which you may have longed for and dreamed about dearly is available at the Maple Leaf Deli. Poutine is made with fries, served with gravy and cheese curds. For an additional cost, smoked meat can be added the poutine and a must for the added taste, definitely suggest addition of meat and home fries. A sizable portion, the poutine is shareable or a meal for one on its own.


Racks of fresh meat are smoked in a smoker until tender and provide the various cuts for the select sandwiches. The meat is cut and bedded in between two slices of brown grain bread. The Maple Leaf sandwich served with caramelized onions was a favorite to the tastebuds with the sweetness of the onions complimenting the taste and texture of the meat. The Ruben packs a burst of flavor and another much loved.

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The Beaver Tail/Castor Tail dessert, which I can only describe, was a cross between a churro and a doughnut but shaped flat just as a beaver tail, thus the name is served with a dusting of powdered sugar and cinnamon with a drizzle of maple syrup. Nutella is available for an additional cost as well.

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