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It’s a biscuit meant for the rich” A quote that I’ve always proclaimed when it came to indulging macarons, as the prices seemed unjustly for a mere biscuit with its airy texture and lush cream filled interior.

My words in regards to the prices for the macarons were proven wrong, as I held the piping bag in an upright position and applied the slight pressure to achieve that well known round macaron shape.

Several attempts leading to failures, frustration and odd shaped macarons, VOILA! I managed to pipe a near perfect shape whilst scoring a nod of approval from Chef Alannah Doe of The Address Dubai Marina.

In that hour of revelation, I understood the quality of ingredients used; the skillful position of holding and piping a perfect macaron, and the expert techniques to cream fill macarons delicately in order to avoid cracks.

I’ve now mastered another dessert with the help of the baking class offered at The Address Dubai Marina and suggest that you give this work of art a try as well to understand the basis that revolves around macarons.


For more information:
Macaroon Baking Class
Master the art of making one of France’s favourite desserts, the macaroon, where you will be able to create a variety of flavours to impress your friends and family.
Price includes cooking materials, ingredients, light refreshments, souvenir aprons, recipes and images from the class, and a certificate of participation.
Call +97144367777 or email; advance reservations are required

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