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The swanky La Portes des Indes has paved its way to Dubai; revolutionizing Indian cuisine mainly serving a twist with influences from French, Tamil, and Creole gastronomy traditionally served in Pondicherry, India with a menu that’s been well researched by the Executive Chef Mehernosh Mody.

Tandoori Chicken in a charcoal cooker at LPDI.
Tandoori Chicken in a charcoal cooker at LPDI.

Hues of blue lights up the restaurant situated at the The Address Dubai Mall designed to represent the glitz and glamour which is Dubai, with a sleek long stretch bar that runs late into the night serving up an array of cocktails perfectly executed by the in-house mixologist, blending in a fusion of flavors to create a drink that’s not just visually appealing but flavorsome enough to keep you asking for more, and more.

The Pondicherry gastronomically influenced menu at LPDI stays true to its original concept with a few minor alterations to fit the Dubai palate. A taster of the seared tandoori foie gras, served with honey naan bread with fig and ginger chutney was deliciously piquant and unique to the taste. A floret of a tandoori broccoli marinated with lime, lemongrass, and cheese was grilled to perfection leaving my taste buds forever in amazement and craving for a tandoor cooked broccoli.

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One of my favorite of the menu, the demoiselles de Pondicherry: large succulent scallops served with garlic and mild saffron sauce offered a burst of flavors seeping into the juicy king sized scallops, a must have at LPDI.

Demoiselles de Pondicherry at LPDI.
Demoiselles de Pondicherry at LPDI.

The forever talked about, Crevettes Assadh: a coconut based curry made with green mangoes, a handful of ingredients and of course, tiger prawns simmering away in a curry base that’s an amalgamation of aromas perfectly balanced complimenting the saffron flavored basmati pillav rice.

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The decadence ended with a dessert platter off which my taste buds savored and indulged a Madras coffee crème brulee with caramelized banana, strong in taste well balanced with the sweetness of the golden banana slices. The sinfully smooth texture of the saffron and passion fruit cheese cake with the tanginess of the passion fruit subdued from the creamy texture of the cake.

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La Portes des Indes is an experience which sets itself apart from the norm of the Indian fare which is on offer in Dubai, with a menu introducing a flavor penchant which is true and diverse as the history of Pondicherry, India.

La Portes des Indes
The Address Dubai Mall
+971 4 438 8610

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