Koi Restaurant & Lounge | Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

An island dinner escape on the semi-outskirts of the capital Abu Dhabi situates KOI Restaurant & Lounge at The Collection within The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.

The lounge greets your entrance with a tranquil escape and a fully stocked bar with a stellar menu to quench thirst and enhance the dining experience for one to truly savor.

A dim yet romantic tone sets KOI’s ambiance with well-spaced out and intimate round tables for the added intimacy, for the dine-in experience. The to-the-point menu serves up classic Japanese dishes, a few with KOI’s own twists inspired by traditional Japanese preparations, deconstructed and infused with modern California accents.

Slivers of salmon carpaccio and black truffles delicately float in an aromatic citrus sauce, was sensational from the first taste to the plate wiped clean as the citrusy flavors masked well with the fresh salmon. A definite star at Koi Abu Dhabi.


The plating is as magnifique as the attention to detail at KOI, from the open-pan kitchen with skilled chefs confidently decked in chef whites displaying skillful knife work for the curious eye to view.


A take from KOI’s signature dishes, the soy wrapped KOI dragon roll filled with shrimp tempura, eel and baked crab catered a crispy exterior paired well with drizzle of a slight spicy sauce on the base which enriched the taste and showcased the ‘twist’ factor to the to the traditional take on classic sushi.


Varied seafood options perched a wide smile, as I trustingly abide to the servers suggestion and waited patiently for the grilled Chilean sea bass with a honey balsamic glaze, over a shiso-pea coulis. A stunning plate arrived with a hearty slice of fresh sea bass with a hint of (healthy) fish fat. The perfectly seared portion of fish retained the neutral moistness with a dark glaze paired perfectly with the creaminess of the pea shiso-pea coulis. DELICIOUS!


For the meat lovers, an aged skirt steak served with medley of vegetables opted with a side of gorgeously plated shishito mashed potatoes was served medium rare as per chefs suggestion and packed robust flavors with the texture encapsulating the KOI experience in terms of ingredients usage & combinations along with skillful Japanese practices.


A fresh creme brûlée with the crack of the hard caramel layer served with fresh berries and blueberry ice-cream mochi proved a fantastic end to an evening that is worth frequent visits, mainly for perfection and confidence in a menu truly captures the essence at KOI.


P.s For a budget friendly KOI experience, the weekend brunch captures KOI’s famed dishes whistle the business lunch menu serves up top-notch dishes as well for a well-rounded taste.

Koi Abu Dhabi
The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

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