#KenwoodMultiOne – your ideal kitchen helper for everything, everyday

During my initial baking days, I rarely used heavy equipment, as I preferred the ease of using a simple whisk that relied on the strength of my arm to help facilitate the symphonic whisking of a batter. Albeit my preference, the trusty hand whisk only did justice to a recipe that asked for maximum of three to four cups of flour, beyond that, my arm could not sustain the repeated movements without the imminent feeling of a full arm workout.

Few years ago, as my passion for baking and experimenting gained more interest, I progressed to a basic electric Kenwood hand mix that covered most, if not all of my whisking needs for considerably larger quantifiable recipes resulting in satisfactory outcomes. Although, I longed for larger, heavier duty equipment to rest on my kitchen top, that would persuade and ignite my interest more frequent.

Fast forward to present, Kenwood recently released the Kenwood MultiOne with a tagline “The new Kenwood MultiOne offers one solution for everything – your ideal kitchen helper for everything, every day”, impressive.

I was really pleased to put one to the test when Kenwood sent me a MultiOne prior to the launch on the basis that I test it out as per my convenience.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of experimentation with the MultiOne features. Heavily utilized for baking, as the K-beater (K for ‘Kenwood’, I assume 🙂 mixed the various baking batters in seconds as well as perfecting whipping cream, eggs and chocolate.

Take a visual tour of the finalized outcomes from my experimentation with Kenwood MultiOne.

Here’s my Orange with Peach & Raspberry Custard Cake that was made from scratch using the MultiOne.

Orange with Peach & Raspberry Custard Cake. 🍰 #homebaked #kenwoodmultione

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Blending frozen bananas to make banana ice-cream in the most quick and convenient manner resulting with delicious homemade ice-cream.

Homemade burgers made easy with an inbuilt meat mincer. As well as features for chopping, slicing and grating of vegetables & herbs for that additional touch. The organic cut of meat was perfectly minced to the desired texture that helped to achieve the glorious result pictured below.

Nowadays, I kick-start my morning frequently with fresh juice, as the inbuilt juicer in the MultiOne that works in seconds to extract the fresh juices. P.s watermelon + lemon juice is amazing!

Overall, the convenience of the Kenwood MultiOne multi-purpose features makes it a worthwhile purchase. Although, a tad nosier than expected, I assume this is normal based on most of the 1,000 watt operating motor, nonetheless the sleek features and numerous options of the MultiOne makes it an ideal kitchen appliance for everyday needs.

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  1. My mother used a Kenwood mixer from my earliest memories and I grew up using it at home. Finally bought my first one about 20 yrs ago and it worked until about 2 yrs ago. We have always had excellent results using it and I would be hard pressed to even try a different brand.

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