I like big brunches – #BrunchALot

A lyrical brunch rendition of ‘I Like Big Butts‘ is a brainchild of mid afternoon boredom on Twitter:


I like big brunches and I cannot lie
See À la carte and I will deny!
When a waiter walks in with a tiny-weeny menu in my face I am done!
…Cause you notice that turkey was stuffed, deep in the glaze she’s wearing, I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring;
My homeboys tried to warn me, but that buns you got make me so huuuungry
Ooh gravy, yo the perfect mixture so I’m gonna Instagram yo picture.

by @peartreediaries & @rmdarnell

Massive shout out to @rmdarnell for pitchin’ in like a true big brunch legend.

Keep on loving the big #brunches you #brunchperts©!

P.s I totally coined #brunchperts© = brunch experts.

Also for more brunch giggle, read @theregos post on “How to survive a Dubai brunch“!

6 thoughts on “I like big brunches – #BrunchALot

  1. I like big brunches where you go and dine, to be told to go wait in line

    But when you walk in with with a little bit of haste, you get a champers in your face


    nailed it without even trying

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