Horse Riding & BBQ at Mushrif Equestrian Club | Dubai

An experience so memorable that it’s worthy of a post…

Personally, horse riding has never been a focus of discussion, albeit equestrian sport being a massive part of the Dubai mainly for the Emiratis and eventually for all to discover.

An invite was extended my way for a day of horse riding at the Mushrif Equestrian Club with sunset set dinner subsequently. A search on the web introduced the equestrian club, which, until that search I did not know existed, and the mysterious location sparked my interest. An offer I could not refuse


Soon after clicking send, the nerves struck while the goosebumps did their dutiful dance. What have I done? I’ve never been on a horse! Yet be around one!

Alas, the day of the ride, a convenient drive to the park with an AED10 entry for the car and after two rounds of missing the entrance to the club (ha ha!) & nearly mastering my way around the park, I found the stable. Horary!

The beautiful blogger lifestyle @Marianna_B and I, along with a group were whisked away for a walk through around the stable grounds at the equestrian club for a bit of background information on the stable, feeding the horses, as well as an insight to the future plans that awaits for the public to experience.

photo (2)

A veteran caretaker and rider assigned horses according to his expertise and the beautiful Snow White was my ride for the eve. My nerves, for once were put to ease while being face to face with the humble majestic beauty.

On the first climb, I saddled up and as a group, we were led for a 10 – 15 minute warm up to learn the various “jargon’s” in order to bond with the horses. Few of the horses, by nature were quite stubborn, yet amusing nonetheless and caved to the sounds of the riders eventually.

photo (1)

Straddling out of the club and into the dessert, situated inside the park, the ride explored the surrounding vegetation and various sights along the trail whilst enjoying the company, and riding through the stunning sun set of the night

The ride ended whilst a delicious BBQ awaited our stretched out muscles and rumbling stomachs. The BBQ for the night was prepared by a humble gentleman at the stable, the meat marination king of the stable if I may.

The gleaming meat dripping its juices over the blazing BBQ was relished with Arabic condiments of hummus, babaghanoush, garlic paste and Arabic bread. A fantastic end to a first time experience in Dubai!

For more information: Mushrif Equestrian & Polo Club

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