Heart of Dubai?

I have witnessed U.A.E grow and progress just as I have over the years.

I was born on a Tuesday, 6th March 1990 in Dubai Hospital, back when free or cheap healthcare was provided by the government. Therefore, an opportunity for my family and I along with the majority of expats to thrive in Dubai and for giving me the chance to call Dubai my home away from home for the past twenty-four years and counting!

Over the years, my select area to call ‘heart of Dubai’ has changed. As far as I can recall, the ever so popular and flourishing Karama was my heart of Dubai and a gateway to the city. Over time, it progressed to the Bastakiya stretch and the Dubai Souq. Recently, considering the magnitude of developments, The Downtown Dubai.

But where really is heart of Dubai?

We have got the old Dubai and new Dubai. Old Dubai has history, passion, first generation settlers spread across and most of all, humility. On the other hand, New Dubai offers glitz, glamor, international offerings and more that is only bound to grow.

Deira Creek, Dubai.
Deira Creek, Dubai.

I look back now and realize, Old Dubai will forever be the heart of Dubai but it’s the areas that count. Personally, for instance;

Karama for its liveliness even at wee hours of the morning (Have you ever been to Karama on a Thursday night? Wow!),
Bur Dubai for its ‘Little India’ settlement and oh my gosh!, the food offerings are plentiful and very, very satisfactory.
Deira for giving Dubai its first (semi) international mall: Deira City Center
Satwa, the self proclaimed ‘ghetto’ of Dubai for its retail and semi-cheap food outlets.
• And last but not least, Jumeirah 1 will always be my original posh side of Dubai.

I could go on and on but I took to the Twitterverse and asked, “Which part do you call or consider the Heart of Dubai?” The replies are heartwarming;

Bindu Rai ‏@BinduRai
@peartreediaries The old Bastakiya stretch. Still retains its old-world charm for me. And it has that community feel that lacks elsewhere.
Rana Yassine ‏@RanaYassine
@peartreediaries I would say now Downtown Dubai, ask me a couple of years ago and I would have said Deira 🙂
Nicola Ellegaard ‏@banafsaji
@peartreediaries Al Rigga!
Cristina Kristensen ‏@Cristinadubai
@peartreediaries Bastakiya definitely. Love that place
robert overy ‏@robertovery
@peartreediaries karama
sheban ‏@McBroody
@peartreediaries The Sikka street / Old Fahidi neighborhood. It’s still unchanged more or less, as a heart should be. 🙂
Samantha Lourdes ‏@Sammie_pillai
@peartreediaries I agree with Sheban…the Sikka street
Janan Shi (JananR) ‏@jananshi
@peartreediaries Jumeirah… Bcoz it reflects the nature of Dubai… Multi-cultural, fun & enjoyment !
Maitha Ahmed ‏@MaithaAhmed
@peartreediaries the creek 🙂
Kevin Sebastian ‏@NoxVoyager
@peartreediaries Bur Dubai definitely.
Hansel Anthony ‏@Superfuzzay
@peartreediaries Karama reprezzzent!

And very unique responses,

James Hutchinson ‏@JHPhotoArt
@peartreediaries @HHShkMohd Dubai’s heart comes from our Rulers!
shez ‏@shahbaz_ahmed_
@peartreediaries on a admiring note or faltering note one can say that “The Heart of Dubai is Where You Live”

Feel free to share what or where you consider is the heart of Dubai? Or even the neighboring Emirates!

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  1. I think I have two hearts… the most important one being the Creekside and MeenaBazaar, followed by Spice Souk on the other side… maybe I should say that the Creek flows through Dubai’s one heart!

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