Grosvenor House, A Luxury Collection Hotel | Dubai

There are hotels and then there is Grosvenor House, one of the three hotels that are part of The Luxury Collection located in the United Arab Emirates.

The iconic 45-story towers, Tower One – the hotel and Tower Two – the residential are instant recognizable landmarks in the Dubai Marina. The blue-lit clad towers add to the luster of the marina, which one cannot resist snapping away.

A weekend getaway to the hotel promised refined heritage, sauve elegance and effortless chic, and so it was with the added spectacular views of the Marina.

The hotel catered the perfect escape, as my staycation motivation was to experience the hotel and limit my escape to the nearest vicinity.

With the ease of check-in at the stunning lobby, I was led into the spacious room that offered a finer side of sophistication, which in an instant I decided I want to spend most my time in and so I did! Is it safe to say that I truly enjoy a stay when the bathrooms are marbled in all corners possible? The Bulgari toiletries are an added excitement as well.

All in all, the stay met my criteria of an escape, plus there’s plenty to eat at the hotel, Toro Toro, the Pan Latin dining experiences paired with an infinite Cachaça Bar as my top dinner suggestion with breakfast at Rhodes W1, the quintessentially British experience by Gary Rhodes, and brunch at Sloane’s, international offerings with an open kitchen view.

Plenty features at the hotel, which I’ll let you, discover here; as I restricted my experience mainly to the room (which personally, was more than enough of a luxurious experience) along with the views from the balcony and of course, the effortless room service.

If you’re curious to know more, feel free to leave a comment on the post and I’ll do my best to guide you.

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