Gingersnap Biscuits & Almond Chocolate Biscotti

I woke up one morning with deep craving for a crunch and crumble of biscuits! Unfortunately, my go to cookie place, Ben’s Cookies is located far – far – far away! Thus, with plenty of time to spare, I decided to try two new biscuits recipes for the first time with the help and guidance from the Joy of Baking website!

My favorite baking recipe site, Joy of Baking is an easy to follow, well described recipe site along with images, video guides and correct temperature settings all of which is crucial to any baker and everything that one requires when in doubt while baking is covered!

I have to say, the Gingersnap Biscuits and Almond Chocolate Biscotti’s were fairly easy to prepare with all ingredients available in my kitchen. I loved the spice and fragrance of the gingersnap biscuits and the crunch of the biscotti’s. The biscuits are perfect tea time delights.


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