Galouti Kebab | Master Class with Chef Dirham Haque, Dubai.

All it takes is a handful of ingredients from rarity selections such as dry rose petals powder, black cardamom and saffron to the readily available kitchen condiments, clove powder, onion paste, chili paste etc. plus the tenderizing agent, raw papaya paste perfectly blended and added to the lean lamb meat minced 7 to 8 times to achieve the perfect consistency to create the famous pièce de résistance of the Awadhi food tradition, Galouti Kebab.

The Galouti Kebabs made at the masterclass by yours truly.

Galawati means “melt in your mouth“, the hallmark of Awadhi cuisine as passionately explained by the culinary extraordinaire of Dum Pukht cuisine, Chef Dirham Haque at Ananta, The Oberoi Dubai.

The finely grounded meat take a shape of your choice, seamlessly flattened and delicately placed in a pan sizzling with “desi” ghee warmed to the apt temperature which browns the meat within seconds and cooks the galouti kebab thoroughly.

Galouti Kebab:
1kg minced lamb
100g lamb kidney fat
10g dry rose petal powder
60g ghee
15g green cardamom powder
5g clove powder
10ml kewra water
10ml rose water
70g fried onion paste
30g raw papaya paste
50g Kashmiri red chilli paste
1g saffron powder
3g all spice powder

1. Pass the lamb and kidney fat through the mincer at least eight times to get a fine mince.
2. Transfer the lamb mince to a lagan (a traditional Indian dish).
3. Add ingredients to the mince and mix well with your hand.
4. Leave the mixture in the fridge for 12 hours.
5. Put some ghee in the pan.
6. Make small patties from the mince and shallow fry in the pan until cooked.

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