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Sip tea from a Tiffany-esque tea cup with an unbeatable backdrop view of The Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountains at Fortnum & Mason Dubai.

The tree tier structure located dot center, neighboring The Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown Dubai features a retail store, selling various F&M products from edibles to home use items etc. On the second floor, the ‘tea room’ dedicates a sit-down experience for the celebrated tea experience and on the top most floor, ‘the parlour‘ features unique blends of ice creams, macarons and slices of house cakes to fulfill your indulgent desires.


A row of pâtisserie cakes flaunts center of the tea room surrounded by hues of aquamarine accents with the outdoor foyer mesmerizing the eyes with the fantastic view of Dubai.

Smoked Salmon with Lemon Dill Butter at F&M Dubai.
Smoked Salmon with Lemon Dill Butter at F&M Dubai.

The delectable high-tea at Fortnum & Mason catered sweet & savory options staying true to the traditional routes. Albeit, a long wait for the tea tier, the robust and famed tea choice from the varied selection of the menu introduced the taste buds to a tea experience with the white tea proving a tasteful selection paired well with the accompanied finger sandwiches, crumbly plain and raisins scones complimented with F&M labeled choice of jams and lashings of clotted cream and variety of petits fours.

High-tea at F&M Dubai.
High-tea at F&M Dubai.

At ‘the parlour‘ a unique mix of ginger + vanilla in the form of a Ginger ice-cream with a picture-esque location provided the ultimate views, as similar with the tea room, in a more relaxed setting.

Ginger Icecream at F&M Dubai.
Ginger Icecream at F&M Dubai.

For what it’s worth, the overall experience of the high-tea was on par with what F&M caters and has been for years, but personally, considering the price (especially for a slice of cake, 60AED to be precise), F&M would be a once in a time experience rather than an often visit to fulfill my afternoon tea cravings.

Fortnum & Mason Dubai
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai
Next To The Address Hotel Downtown & The Dubai Mall
+971 (0)438 82627

3 thoughts on “Fortnum & Mason | Dubai

  1. I’ve visited F&M in London, it is such a charming place. I love the fruit jellies and tea assortment, but I’ve never had afternoon tea there. Maybe I’ll try it in Dubai someday:)

  2. My boys are December babies and am wanting to take them for F&M afternoon tea next month. Is the tea salon kid friendly? are there many people? we’re planning on a Friday around 1pm.

    Thank you so much, Jasmine!

    1. I visited on a Saturday at 1PM, it was about 50% full with a bridal shower party taking place (outdoor) as well. Honestly, it’s a very prim and proper afternoon tea experience (posh to be precise). I took my mom and I felt it was perfect for us but I would not consider taking kids around, as you are restricted to the table or outdoor for the view. However, the ice cream parlor would be a better option since it’s a tad easier on the pockets and love the whole creamery design.

      If you’re very keen, I very much suggest The Palace after-noon tea ‘buffet’ ( every Saturday and Wednesday, perfect for the price and very kid friendly from what I noticed with few of my visits.

      Hope that helps you Kero! x

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