FANR Restaurant | Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi

I admire how Abu Dhabi is slowly but surely focusing on art, architecture and interior design. All of which is now heavily visible across the capital of U.A.E from the stunning architectural designs to the bridges that ease the flow of traffic and in the near future, the developments on Saadiyat Island!

Nestled away in Saadiyat Island with its surroundings still under construction paving its way to art galleries, the Louvre and Guggenheim both of which I absolutely cannot wait to visit one opened in Abu Dhabi, lies Manarat Al Saadiyat constituting as a permanent hub for series of exhibitions and serves as a gallery for upcoming budding artists around the region and worldwide to display their one-of a kind art.

Within Manarat Al Saadiyat, one can find FANR Restaurant – a contemporary dining venue focusing and catering an international menu and a fusion of Mediterranean, European, Indian and traditional Arabic cuisine.


FANR’s layout fits the art inspired aspect along with exhibits on display with the outdoor foyer featuring a perfect al fresco Arabesque dining experience. Contemporary blends with a touch casualness reflecting on the menu, from varied choices for one to indulge.

The taste of a Potato & Leek Soup was a satisfactory start to the meal. A hearty and creamy soup served with crusty bread and the added comfort of soft butter melting away with warmth of the soup. Portions size of a soup is enough as a meal on its own or split between two, as I did.


Reveling in the view and basking in the natural sunlight beaming from the stunning floor to ceiling windows, while the I patiently waited for the chef to prep the ordered Poached Salmon Fillet on a bed of roasted pepper couscous, and avocado lime salsa along with the Free Range Chicken served with herbed couscous, a triage of vegetables, creamy jus with almond flakes.


I dig into my free range chicken dish only to be disappointed to find out I’ve been served overcooked chicken and vegetables served with cuts of bacon. Now here’s the thing, why serve free range chicken with processed (bacon) meat? A conflicting and tasteless dish, sadly. On the other hand, the salmon fillet was poached to perfection retaining the natural fat which added to the softness of the fish paired well with the tanginess of the salsa.

Although a confusing dish served and disappointing to notice hammour (fish) on the menu (Why you may ask? Check out the ‘Choose Wisely’ campaign highlighting over fishing of certain species in Dubai under which hammour falls in the red category, over fished!) Generally, it’s comforting to know the menu changes often with new additions and favorites retained plus, on a high note, FANR also serves bubbly. So, if you’re visiting or reside in Abu Dhabi, drop in at Manarat Al Saadiyat to view the exhibitions and end the day with contemporary international feasting and cocktails at FANR Restaurant.

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