Devilish Chocolate Brownies

Sunday was pastry day; it was all about presentation and glamor visible from the windows of the various pastry stores in the town I grew up.

The pleasure of meeting a master pâtisserie is rare and one which I’ll treasure for a lifetime, as my inner bakeress implored to be in the presence of Eric Lanlard, or more famously recognized as Cake Boy!

Pear Tree Diaries and Eric Lanlard
Pear Tree Diaries and Eric Lanlard

Albeit, a well-organized event– I was hugged by Cake Boy himself and a chat on all things baking; but my taste bud craved for more, more in terms of sweet treats. After all, a baking maestro was amongst our midst, and my expectations included rows and rows of gluttonous displays of colorful cupcakes, to glazed cakes, sugar works of art, either from Eric or the host hotel itself, but to my dismay, canapés was all that was on offer. Pity.

Travel aspiration is what inspired the stories, ingredients, and the recipes featuring rare and unique ingredients.

Treasuring his latest print, Chocolat, I delicately flipped the pages filled with mini stories that set a prelude to Eric’s exceptional recipes, all with one common ingredient: Chocolate. I could not take it anymore, for I knew in an instance, I had to BAKE!

A quick survey of the ingredients in the kitchen, I sourced out that I had enough in stock to bake one of the most prominent recipe: Devilish Chocolate Brownies.

In France, baking is chemistry.

I am truly blessed with friends who travel and return with edible gifts and for such instance, chocolates. A mix of chocolates constituted, (dare I say) perfection of the brownies.

An assortment of the homemade chocolates from Ooty, India to the selectively available Cadbury Silk from India (why yes, Silk does in fact taste a tad different from its siblings around the world!) and lastly, a fairly common (baking) brand Hershey’s was chopped into chunks and melted in a Bain-marie. The concoction proved a faultless amalgamation and sinful indulgence.

Alas, 25 minute bake in a 180°C temperature – the crust was perfectly cracked exposing a firm yet gooey center which we’ve all come to love and accept.


A must try recipe for a quick indulgence, a book that captivates with short stories and recipes which caters sweet tooth cravings all in regards to chocolate.

Until we meet again, Eric x

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