Cigars | Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the smell of a lit Cigar.

If you are in search for quality Cigars in Dubai, then you’re just in luck. Nestled away in new Dubai, you’ll find The Cigar Lounge: “A retro glamour meets contemporary style at The Cigar Lounge, a chic yet relaxed rendezvous at the heart of The Address Downtown Dubai.” What I adore about The Cigar Lounge is the classy interiors along with the various renowned cigar brands aviabale and as with any cigar bar: Alcohol! After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good sip of Cognac, Scotch or Rum along with a hand rolled Cuban cigar.


A second, equally good option would be La Casa Del Habano, with two locations in heart of Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. The cigar smell escaping from the gaps of the humidor room captivates you as you enter the shop. The store accompanies a seating area to smoke indoors, but on a downside La Casa is a non-alcoholic cigar bar. So if you enjoy a sip of coffee with your lit cigar then, La Casa Del Habano is your hang out.

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