Chocolate Lavender Cake

I’ve always said the best gifts are edible gifts.

Sprigs of dry edible lavender accompanied a gift bag for my twenty-fifth birthday celebration and in an instance, the waft from the lavender triggered my baking (invisible) switch and it was then, I knew I had to bake a Chocolate Lavender Cake.

Why chocolate? Mainly as I was inspired by this recipe that I stumbled up on about a year ago and finally, I was able to replicate and create my own simplistic and tasteful version.

To make your own Chocolate Lavender Cake, use your most perfected chocolate cake recipe (I used this recipe – easy, quick and foolproof cake) , quality chocolate (Ghirardelli’s Chocolate – purchased from my #PTDUSA vacation, sadly not available in Dubai but Valrhona would be a perfect choice as well) , mortar pestle approximately five to eight buds of lavender or one sprig of dry lavender (found in few store at the Dubai [Deira] Spice Souk) depending on the level of fragrance (remember not to go overboard, as lavender can be an overwhelming scent), add to chocolate cake batter, mix and bake. Pop perfectly risen cake out of the oven, cool completely and cream cake with either vanilla butter-cream or cream cheese frosting.

photo (1)

The cake is moist yet dense with a lasting taste of quality chocolate and just the perfect hint of lavender fragrance that excites and calms your taste buds simultaneously.


If by a miracle, the cake remains, it makes as a fantastic Chocolate Lavender Cake Pops as well with chocolate ganache – tried and tested!

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  1. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to bring in your 25th, #25 was my most favorite year so I do hope it’s the same for you. I recently used lavender in shortbread, I love the fragrance but totally agree if you aren’t careful it can be overpowering. Lovely post!

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