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It’s all about Kunafa | Dubai

Kunafa, Kunafah kunafeh, Kenafeh, kunafah, kanāfah, künefe, spell it however you wish, Kunafa is the bee’s knees. The oozing cheese soaked with the sugar syrup sheltered with its crunchy exterior soaking up the syrupy goodnessContinue reading

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Umai | The Oberoi Hotel, Dubai

The transcending openness of Umai provides a culinary interactive journey of the East all experienced in Dubai. The open-pan kitchen offers a view of the Umai chefs in action preparing Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki alongContinue reading

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Wok It Restaurant | Dubai

I’ve always believed that Dubai is a victuals map ready to be explored, but instead of a whip in hand like Indiana Jones, I’d hold a fork and knife as I trail along the streetsContinue reading