Calicut Notebook Restaurant – Dubai

Upon recommendation from a family member who dined at Calicut Notebook Restaurant and came back with ravishing reviews, I knew I had to give it a try.

Calicut Notebook located in Deira, Dubai is a new South Indian fusion restaurant which I experienced, is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

The interiors are well designed, spaced out and to our surprise almost full for a weekday as we grabbed the last remaining seats.

The menu consist of traditional South Indian dishes as well as a blend of fusion dishes, with the meal sets and biriyani popular during lunch time and à la carte dishes for dinner. As you browse through the menu, you’ll notice few dishes named after a school theme, one drink for example named English Teacher along with the specials named “Chapter 1”


The manager, Shamsudheen or as he is known around as Shams assisted us with the menu and suggested us the best sellers and food that is unique to Calicut Notebook along with a few dishes specifically made for us to try.

The first of many to follow, was a “paan” inspired salad – Pazhasi’s Salad which was completely new to my taste with and a perfect combination of sweet-spicy-sour which is unique to Calicut Notebook with explosion of flavors!


The next few items, mostly appetizers were a hit after hit, with gourmet style plated Apple & Celery Shrimp Salad, which was a refreshing mix of flavor with a perfectly seasoned shrimp atop of a stuffed cucumber. The Pandanas Chicken, as the manger mentioned is inspired by Thai style cooking with a blend of South India ingredients. The chicken was perfectly cooked, with a bang of flavour and complementing sauce.


The fish dishes we tasted were fresh and one in particular was live and cooked fresh out of the tank – Live Hamour Tawa Grill which was beautifully plated and placed on the table by the young Chef whose talents and taste for ingredients surpasses his age. The fish was perfectly cooked, flavorsome and with a fragrant blend of spices. The Cardinal Fish, named aptly as it’s the Pope’s favorite was one of my favorites as well, with the sweetness of jaggery and a blend of masala. Another seafood savored, was the Thai Grilled Prawns, plated on a bed of lettuce with a sauce mixture dolloped over the grilled prawns.


The rest of the meals dined on were part of the main course, one in particular being Modern Mutton Chops – with the wheat/plain parottas which complimented the main course. The Chef cooked us a special tender beef upper cut which was perfectly seasoned and delicious to taste.


The meal ended with a dessert- Notebook Banana Crepe, essentially a jaggery caramelized banana with orange suzette and vanilla ice cream.

What I loved about Calicut Notebook was that each dish had its own individual flavor and a perfect combination of fusion – Indian food which did not overpower the tastebuds. The dishes are reasonably priced with options of half and full portion for particular dishes as well as live seafood cooking with an open kitchen along with neatly dressed staff, managers and young Chefs who are inspired with creating dishes that are unique and yet stay true to it roots.


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