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To keep up with the immense popularity of the Budget Eats part one post, here’s part two that stretches across to various cuisines and ends with a fantastic desserts option, all in a short worded review.

Rasa Sayang
Fret not my dear readers, for now; there is Malaysian cuisine in Dubai courtesy Rasa Sayang. The spice is on point, flavorsome with hearty portions. I first discovered Rasa while scrolling Instagram and have been twice in a week since. I absolutely loved the mee goreng (stir fried noodle), chicken rendang curry with coconut rice and the simple yet robust chicken satay with peanut sauce. Rasa’s menu lets you decide from an array of traditional dishes with chicken, beef or seafood to select from. The drinks sections are refreshing with sizeable portions. All in all, a welcoming and satisfactory experience at Rasa Sayang.

Possibly the best #Malaysian cuisine in #Dubai! Absolutely loved the chicken satay and mee goreng.

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Chef Lanka
If there is one cuisine that is relatively new to my taste buds, it would have to be Sri Lankan cuisine. Chef Lanka located in Karama offers the perfect introductory taste with their vivid array of flavor & spices, bringing out the authentic taste of Sri Lanka. I fell in love with the spice factor of the dishes at Chef Lanka, mainly the Kothu-roti, made from shredded ‘godhamba’ roti tossed with vegetables, egg, and/or meat and spices. Make sure you try the gravy’s that pairs perfectly either with plain and egg appams. A feast that truly awakes your taste buds and tickles your sinus with all the spice!

Sri Lankan food paradise with mixed khotturoti, eggs appams and chicken curry. 😍 #srilankan #dubai #cheflanka

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Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant
After Venus (mentioned here) Sangeeta satisfies my breakfast cravings in Sharjah, with a branch in Dubai as well. Plump hot idlis served alongside crispy vadas ending with a piping hot filter coffee kickstarts my weekends. Try the ever so popular ‘mini tiffin’ and ideal choice for a beginner taste buds to proper South Indian breakfast that offers bite size verities to help your experience what Sangeetha has to offer. Fluffy hot puris with a simple, homemade style potato bhaji does the trick as well.

South Indian breakfast from one of my favorite restos in Sharjah. 🍴

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Rasoi Ghar
Located in one of Dubai’s most famed food street, Rasoi Ghar shares similarities with its competitors Maharaja Bhog (mentioned here), except for the fact that one experiences ‘thali’ as a three course menu with a set (weekday and weekend) price and a daily menu variation. To kick start a meal, Rasoi Ghar first offers unlimited appetizers, after which unlimited main course ending with unlimited desserts. The key word, as with most thali experiences is, unlimited. Strictly vegetarian, the cuisine focus is authentic regional Indian cuisine, such as Kathiyawadi, Rajasthani and Gujarati eats. The service flow needs sorting but do not let that dampen the flavorsome subizs (vegetables) and fresh rotis (bread) served with ghee.

Haji Ali Juice Center
If you’re from India, you know for a fact that Haji Ali’s in an institutional experience. My reason for frequent visits is the tall drool worthy glass of falooda. What’s a falooda you ask? A cold beverage traditionally made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, tapioca pearls and pieces of gelatin with milk and topped with scoop of ice-cream and chopped nuts (optional), an Indian milkshake version if you must. An ultimate desserts and a treat to eat, albeit extremely calorific. Other indulgent locations for falooda feasting include, Billo Ice Cream and the specialized kulfi shop, Kulfilicious.

Falooda cause it's Thursday 🍧

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8 thoughts on “Budget Eats 02 | Dubai

  1. I was surfing for the good foods and find your post. These suggestion are seriously yummy and affordable. I will personally visit those places and also recommend this post to my friends. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. That’s some really great recommendations. I’ve wanted to try the thali at Rasoi Ghar forever, and now, when I see your picture, I want to try it even more. PS: I like your new blog design:)

    1. Thank you Mitzie! Took me a while to find a new layout and happy with the way it looks. Raosi Ghar is a good experience and the food is quite robust in flavor. Suggest that you even try Maharajah Bhog, mentioned in the first budget eats post, similar experience but food served in one shot, rather than three course style at Rasoi.

  3. I’ve never been to Chef Lanka but after a recent visit to Sri Lanka, I’ve been wanting to check it out. Only thing that’s kept me away all these years is I hear its SUPER spicy. Is that true? Hope they can tone it down as I’m a wuss like that! lol

    1. Oh you should definitely visit! I haven’t visited Sri Lanka as yet, so can’t compare but yes, the food is spicy and I did ask for mild spicy, that did not help a bit even haha but still, overall the appam help reduce the spice and kottu roti as well.

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