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Once you’ve managed to crawl your way through Dubai Marina, inch your way through the traffic, reach Grosvenor House and wait a few minutes for the valet to symphonize till it’s your turn and finally, you reach Buddha Bar.

Buddha Bar, “dominated by Buddha-Bar’s famous four-meters high gilded statue and an entire wall of glass, soaring to 20 meters height. To the sensual sound of chill-out music,… menu inspired by the cuisines of Thailand, China and Japan, with fresh seasonal ingredients from Arabia” – Grosvenor House Marina. The interiors are sophisticated and bound to “wow” you in one way or another.

It’s a two minute walk or so from the main entrance to Buddha Bar after which a “bouncer” analyzes if you’re dapper or classy and let’s not forget, “legal” enough to enter.

The lighting is low but not blinding and is easy enough to navigate through whilst admiring the Buddha up high. The restaurant is divided into smoking, non smoking and lounge (bar) type atmosphere situated in the middle with the former two located on either ends of the bar. I loved the visible lack of a smoke cloud which is a plus when walking past ends for a non-smoking seating.

Reservation is well advisable and what I did a day before as Buddha Bar is a night dine in only and open from 8pm – 3am and can get quite busy for a weekday mind you.

The table placement and setting was cozy for my guest and I, with menus handed at once. The prices are as you can imagine a pinch for the pocket but further experience with the food and service felt the pain slowly disappear.

The alcohol list is long and priced yet again as with any fine dining with the cheapest glass of wine for AED49 for a Chile Sauvignon Blanc and most expensive in zeros that I lost count…

The service experienced was in a harmonious motion considering a full capacity. The dishes ordered were quite filling for an appetizer, a Maki Chicken Curry which was an interesting combination yet delicious and a two piece Salmon SakeTaki which was divine.



The mains, an 18 piece Dim Sum sharing platter good enough for two and consisted a mix of chicken, seafood, a vegetarian option and lastly, a sweet coconut Char Siu bun to clear the palate.


Desserts, I chose a classic Chocolate Fondant which was beautifully plated but a bit underdone and oozy for my taste but a good treat nonetheless to end a fantastic experience.


I’d suggest Buddha Bar for a celebratory purpose with reservation before hand for a fine dining experience in a fantastic setting and walking away with a belly full just as the Buddha.

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