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One of my most fond and earliest memories of an egg was when my dear mother would boil an egg, ensuring the yolk remained runny, just how I craved for at the tender age of four or five. The then perfectly boiled egg was a constant for lunch, wrapped firmly in a brown paper bag to avoid any cracks to the egg that would release the yellow goodness enclosed within the shell.


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Twenty years later, my love for eggs remains perpetual but my taste buds have matured, craving for more than cracked salt and pepper as seasoning, while my eyes long for a more robust presentation.

These days, I reserve my kitchen adventures strictly for the weekend as Friday morning has turned into an egg-perimentation day, as I truly wake up to the sound of an egg that slides smoothly of the shell and into the sizzling pan; as I watch in anticipation of my breakfast frying away with the edges gaining that perfect crisp.

Why stop with a sunny side up egg when you can have Kale & Organic Tomato Omelette with Ka’ak, all purchased from the Farmer’s Market.

Organic Kale & Cherry Tomato Omelette with Ka'ak. 🍳 #homemade

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Or brunch it up with a quick, healthy and wholesome Shakshuka by roasting (organic) tomatoes, blending for a sauce and flavoring with a good hit of fresh or dry herbs, and adding fresh organic eggs to completely the dish.

From @farmersmarketme to table. πŸ‘Œ #Shakshuka #homemade πŸ³πŸ…

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And if you have spare time at hand, perfect Shakshuka with the ideal tomato sauce boiling and retaining all the flavors as the egg perfectly cooks from the steam of the red flavorsome sauce.

While for those with daring taste buds, spice it up with Sriracha Shakshuka.


You can poach an egg as well, and fail at it by over boiling it as I did, but the versatility of an egg maintains the taste nonetheless!


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Also, did you know a cast iron pan is THE perfect pan for an egg fry? Amen!

What I have learnt from the humble egg is that we need to stop underestimating the power of cooking one of the most basic ingredient, as personally, I’d say my knack to cooking has increased due to frequent experimentation with eggs by flavoring using daring species, inclusion of vegetables and out of the norm herbs or testing my spice level with red hot chili sauces, all of which have proven to be successful, till date.

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  1. Haven’t come across a place in Dubai yet that serve the dish but it is actually very easy to cook. This is how I do at home – saute 3 sliced onions (per 500 gms minced meat) with gg paste, whole and powdered spices and , cook in tomatoes. Add minced meat, 1 cup water, salt and pressure cook (first at high for 5 mins and medium for another 15 mins) for approximately 4-5 whistles. If you still find water left then stir fry till the water dries out. Half fry the eggs and serve on top of the prepared dish. Goes very well with chapatis and bread. You can also add peas and capsicum while cooking meat.

    1. Yum! I haven’t had that for while now. Also, that comment reminded me of how eggs were such a common inclusion in all breakfast options when I went to USA for vacation, breakfast overdose!

  2. Your pictures are making me drool right now and had me craving for eggs! An exquisite Bohra breakfast is eating a sunny side up over bhuna kheema spiced according to an individual’s taste πŸ™‚

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