PR & Disclosure

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, Pear Tree Diaries. My blog is an extension of my interest and all the published posts are based on sharing my personal experience. I work very hard in documenting real experiences and creating content that is original and fresh in my areas of interest of food, hospitality and travel.

The passion that I cater towards my website integrates respect towards involvement in projects, to ascertain the integrity of my blog and to ensure the content remains original, relevant and appealing to my avid readers and followers.

If you are interested in collaborating with Pear Tree Diaries or would like a media kit / rate card copy, email peartreediaries(@)gmail(.)com. However, key pointers to consider prior to contacting:

I will be happy to attend an event and communicate with organizers, owners and share my feedback, if needed. However, my acceptance to attend an event does not guarantee a blog post. Should an opportunity arise and if I find the project relevant for my blog and readers, I will be willing to share my experiences.

Full disclosure is highly appreciated from PR invitations as to what the potential acceptance may entail, in order to have full clarity for both parties.


The major aspect of Pear Tree Diaries is dedicated to food and beverage write-ups based on personal dining experience. That being said, I would like to clarify that I am not a critic by any means and only share my experiences based on my taste buds and knowledge of ingredients.
I enjoy well-executed meals and share my experiences that are exceptional at my discretion. Invites, freebies and complimentary meals will always be declared as such on my digital platforms, so as to maintain transparent and unbiased communication with the blog readers and followers.

Products and Services

Pear Tree Diaries will undertake product reviews strictly on permanent basis and not on temporary or product loan basis. If you would like to send a sample for a short trial period, kindly refrain as it does not fit my blogging policy.

In addition, if you wish to send products, samples, gifts etc. in exchange for reviews, please feel free to contact and if these products are relevant and deemed ethical and exceptional, I will share my experience based on the usage, feel and interest.


Hotel stays are of avid interest and I enjoy weekend escapes from the daily day job routine. Staycation invites are accepted and declared on my digital platforms, so as to maintain transparent and unbiased communication with the readers and followers.

A stay at the property does no guarantee exceptional reviews nor does it guarantee coverage of all the hotel or resort features. Only those features experienced (restaurants, swimming pools, bars, gymnasiums, spa treatments etc.) will be shared as part of the staycation feature.

Competitions and Giveaways

Pear Tree Diaries is open to sponsored competitions and giveaways, based on full discourse of giveaway items or products, quantity, terms and conditions, and winner selection. A few giveaway terms and conditions:

• Pear Tree Diaries will run the giveaway on behalf of the sponsor on a pre-decided strategy. For example; the giveaway outlet (social media handles, website or both), time scale, audience (U.A.E, GCC, international etc.), sponsor terms and conditions etc.
• If deemed a necessity, the pre-decided giveaway PR write-ups provided by giveaway sponsor for the giveaway will be reviewed and revised to suit Pear Tree Diaries readers and overall blog ethics.
• Pear Tree Diaries is responsible to provide contact information for giveaway winner(s) only. Further correspondence and giveaway prize issuance with the giveaway winner(s) will be the accountability of the giveaway sponsor and/or PR companies.
• By no means will Pear Tree Diaries be held responsible for any un-foreseen issues with the giveaway. Cancellation of giveaway will result in giveaway sponsor to issue a public apology to Pear Tree Diaries giveaway participants.
• Pear Tree Diaries will not be held responsible for any misuse of the sponsored giveaway by the giveaway winner(s).
• All giveaway winner(s) will be chosen via


All posts on the blog are written and shared by Jasmine Pereira of Pear Tree Diaries, unless duly indicated.

By no means will the write-ups be shared for review or feedback to any PR agencies or third-party companies prior to being published on the website. However, if significant changes (incorrect information, addition of web links, etc.) are to be made for the published write-up, you may email and consideration will be made towards revision of the published write-up.

Blog Statistics

Pear Tree Diaries blog statistics and social media followers will only be shared for means of advertising purposes and not for any PR client reviews.


All visual content, photos and videos, on this blog are credited to Jasmine Pereira and/or Pear Tree Diaries, unless indicated. If you would like to use the images, please contact directly for request and permissions.