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It’ll be three years this December 2015 since I started my day job working in Tecom. The same Tecom that I used to frequent complain early on for the lack of decent restaurant options and for the times I had to succumb to the embarrassing loud growls from my stomach and order an un-satisfactory yet filling sandwich from a neighborhood supermarket, for the sake of convenience and quick bite to eat.

Fast forward, on one of my many drives around Tecom, curiosity struck as I noticed 25 Degrees North. Inquisitiveness in terms of the outlet name, the signboard, the location within Tecom etc. as my mind carelessly pondered, would my hunger pangs in Tecom be finally relieved?

Thankfully, frequent occasions due to work lunches, 25 Degrees North soon turned to a staple favorite. Presently, the brand spanking new location branched out to Bay Square, in Business Bay lured my taste buds for a more intimate dining, as the low-light with shiny chandeliers separates the vibrancy from the Tecom location.

The indulgence from the night that set an amazement of an experience was the palak patta chaat. Fresh spinach leaves lightly fried in a thin batter, layered over generous serving of spiced yogurt, sprinkled with sev and pomegranate seeds. Fantastic combination of crisp, spice and sourness.

A basket of roasted papad and chutney, usually what I most look forward to at 25*DN kept company as the ordered main courses beautifully plated appeared. A fresh basket of rotis complimented the soft cottage cheese (paneer) set on a tomato and onion based curry as did the murgh labadar with lush chicken chunks cooked in the tandoor absorbing the spices of the cream based gravy. The dum nariali prawns, a signature dish and one of my favorites, cooked in a blend of spices and coconut milk, mostly served in a tender coconut, when available and sadly, not the case when I dined, was fragrant and perfectly balanced from the creaminess of the coconut gravy calming the heat from the array of spices

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I un-regretfully savored desserts, as the pieces of fried bread soaked in a thick milk base flavored with sugar, spices, cream, rose-water and nuts formed the shahi tukda. What’s not to love about warm jalebis, especially when served as pretzel shaped accompanied with spiced condensed milk. Truly a treat and tasted glorious as it sounds.

25 Degrees North perfect homey comfort food all with a reasonable price tag with a menu that features most of the desired North Indian dishes and a few signature and special to the restaurant formed by the ingenuity of the chefs.

25 Degrees North
Bay Square, Business Bay
04 452 7779

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